North Dakota is known for a lot of things, but this one is news to me. There are so many interesting attractions in the state; you might be surprised to learn about this one.

World's Largest

According to Atlas Obscura, North Dakota has the world's largest snowmobile. With how much it snows here, you might not find this surprising, but allow me to clarify: this isn't a working snowmobile.

This snowmobile is a 34-foot-long statue, and it doesn't sit alone. Riding the snowmobile is a giant turtle. The turtle even has a name. Tommy the Turtle is also known as the world's tallest turtle; he's a whopping 30-feet tall.

The statue weighs three tons, and was constructed out of fiberglass in 1978.


Why A Turtle?

If you're wondering what the meaning is behind the turtle, the source explains Tommy the Turtle is meant to be a symbol for the Turtle Mountains.

Where Is It?

If you want to see Tommy the Turtle for yourself, all you have to do is drive out to Bottineau, North Dakota. The park is open 24 hours to visitors, and yes, kids are allowed to climb on him and get all the photos their hearts desire.

That's All

Tommy the Turtle is another one of North Dakota's unique attractions you should see.

Did you know about Tommy the Turtle? Do you plan to take your family to see it? Do you have photos of tommy the turtle? -- If so, feel free to share them through our app.


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