With the holidays on the horizon, many of us are shopping around, getting gifts and holiday decor to make the season merry and bright. If you're shopping at Hobby Lobby, you may have a hard time finding certain decorations.

Hanukkah Merchandise?

Across the country, people are noticing that Hobby Lobby stores are not carrying Hanukkah merchandise. In an attempt to see if this was the case in Bismarck, I called our local store this morning (Wednesday, November 29th).

It's True

According to the associate, the Bismarck store does not currently have any Hanukkah merchandise/decor.

Hanukkah is an eight-day Jewish holiday that, according to APNORC.org, 5 percent of the United States population celebrates.

I asked the woman if they planned on getting any Hanukkah merchandise this holiday season, and she told me, no --they would not be getting any.

I asked her if they planned on stocking their shelves with Hanukkah merchandise next year or in the years to come. She told me she did not know.

I also called the Fargo store this morning; an associate there told me that they had carried Hanukkah plates last year, but they do not have any Hanukkah merchandise this year either.


According to WCNC, Hobby Lobby stores all across the country stopped carrying merchandise for this particular holiday in late 2022. The company received a lot of backlash on social media and has yet to comment on why they have made this decision.

What do you think? How do you feel about the decision? Send us a message in our app.


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