Planned Parenthood can continue to provide sex education in North Dakota.

Planned Parenthood is celebrating a win for sex education in North Dakota. At this point, lawmakers have lost the battle against effective and reliable sex education. Thanks to a grant, Planned Parenthood can continue to provide sex education to kids and families in North Dakota, with or without being linked to North Dakota State University.

According to a press release, the United States Department of Health and Human Services has awarded the Planned Parenthood North Central States $250,000 in grant money "to implement age-appropriate, evidence-based education in North Dakota." The press release states that the grant period is for three years.

Planned Parenthood was forced to cut ties with NDSU after an anti-sex education bill was signed into law earlier this year.

Back in May, Governor Doug Burgum signed an anti-sex education bill into effect. The bill made it so North Dakota State University and Planned Parenthood could legally no longer work together. This is because Planned Parenthood is an establishment that "promotes or provides abortions."

The federal grant has saved sex education in North Dakota.

Now, thanks to this federal grant, proper sex education in the state is saved. Katie Christiansen of Planned parenthood said, "Although we no longer have a relationship with NDSU, this federal grant allows us to continue to provide sex education that is vital to the development, health, and wellbeing of North Dakota's youth." And, whether some North Dakotans like it or not, sex education is important.

Proper sex education is important for kids to learn to prepare them for the real world.

I grew up in a Christian conservative household and went to a Christian school for some time. I never had any real sex education other than "Do NOT do it until you are married. It is sinful and against God" - that message came from school and home. That type of "education" left me feeling awful for doing something completely natural and human because it was considered "sinful." It took me years of living on my own to realize that that type of "education" is nothing but toxic.

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