Any type of food should be something we should all celebrate. It brings people together. Especially when an entire state hates it really, really badly.

A recent study shows the one thing in each state that is the most hated food. In North Dakota, for the second straight year, that item is 'Tapas.' It turns out the Peace Garden State really hates small Spanish savory dishes.

This, according to the dating app 'Hater.' Seeing the name of the app may make you think it matches people based on what they hate, and yes, it's exactly what it sounds like. I'm assuming a conversation in real life between two hateful people, let's call them Jeff and Courtney, based on this very concept would go something like this:

Courtney: "I hate Tapas."

Jeff: "Wait, I hate Tapas."

Courtney: "Seriously?"

Jeff: "It's like we were made for each other."

Tada, there's your match. Of course, the dating app world forces the two users to filter through several topics and if they mutually hate enough of the same things, they're a match. It's always great when relationships can build on hate, isn't it?

Last year, Tapas wasn't just the most hated food in North Dakota, it was also the most hated thing in general. Therefore, North Dakotans really, really, really hate Tapas.

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