North Dakota is losing a jewelry store.

The news just came to light over the weekend, when shoppers and other news outlets noticed the store was no longer operating.

Which Jewelry Store?

Zales is no longer up and operating in Fargo's West Acres Shopping Center. It was located near the central court area.

According to Inforum, a representative from the West Acres Mall said, that the store's lease was up and they made the decision to close, giving us very little insight as to what led to the decision.

Could it be that the location was the issue? Was there not enough foot traffic? Could it be that the parent company is closing many stores across the company? Could that parent company be working toward only operating one jewelry brand (Kay Jewelers)? -- We can only speculate.

The store's last day of business was Saturday, February 17th.

Further Concerns

Knowing that Fargo's Zales location closed, could this mean we will also see this happen to the Bismarck location? What about our Kay Jewelers? -- As I mentioned earlier, they are owned by the same company.

Keep in mind this is just a thought. In any case we have several locally owned jewelers where you can go to get your engagement rings and other pieces to brighten and sparkle up your life.


What do you think about the store closing?

As always, thank you for reading. Feel free to send us a message about anything local you may see or hear. TTFN!


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