BestLife put together a list of the most used slang words and phrases in each state.

BestLife compiled a list of the most commonly used slang word/ phrase in each state. You can sit there and think about what North Dakota's most common slang word or phrase is - maybe "Uffdah" or "Ope"? - but you would be wrong. According to the experts at BestLife, "Dakrat" is North Dakota's most popular slang term.

How did BestLife decide that "Dakrat" was North Dakota's most used slang word?

After processing the shock I felt to learn that our most common slang word is "Dakrat," I thought, "Did BestLife only survey Military people for this study?" Because not once have I ever heard a non-Military person use the word "Dakrat." In fact, my coworker, who was born and bred in North Dakota, has never even heard of the term!

So, I decided to look up the word, "Dakrat" to find out where it comes from. And I have come to the conclusion that the word must be a Military term! Seriously, the first two websites dedicated to Dakrat information are Minot Airforce Base pages. Google it.

Do you know what a Dakrat is?

According to the Minot Airforce Base's website, a Dakrat is a Richardson's ground squirrel. So, your basic Prairie Dog/ Flickertail. I tried to find out why they are called "Dakrats," and the only information I could find was on Wikipedia, which states that the term is derived from "Dakota Rat." Whether that information is true or not, I do not know, but it makes for a good story!

Do you believe that North Dakota's most used slang word is "Dakrat"?

North Dakota Game and Fish
North Dakota Game and Fish


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