Throughout time, some fantastic athletes have been born in North Dakota and have gone on to do great things.

Fox Sports decided to look at who the best active athlete is in every state. And when we say 'active' we mean someone who is currently still competing and is not retired. The athlete they chose for North Dakota may be a man you've never even heard of. Some may argue the guy isn't even an 'athlete' at all.

North Dakota has some very talented current athletes right now, the most notable one likely being Carson Wentz. Wentz has a lot of talent and may very soon be the man featured in an article like this one but as far as Fox Sports is concerned, Wentz isn't quite at that level yet.

Fox Sports says the best active athlete from North Dakota is Greg Raymer. Raymer is a poker player. He was born in Minot and won the World Series of Poker in 2004 and took home $5 million.

2004 World Series of Poker Championship Event - Final Round
Steve Grayson | Getty Images

Though Raymer's biggest success was the 2004 victory, he is still active in the poker scene and has won plenty of money since then.

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