There are some abandoned places that just seem to give people the creeps when they pass by them. North Dakota's is right here in Bismarck.

The publication Insider found the 'Eeriest Abandoned Place' in each state. These abandoned properties typically give you chills when you pass by them. Just looking at them can make let the theater of the mind run wild. North Dakota's eeriest abandoned place is not only right here in Bismarck, but also comes with its own history. The eeriest abandoned place in all of North Dakota is the Former Governor's Mansion at 320 East Avenue B in Bismarck.

Here's what Insider had to say about the property:

The Governor's Mansion was constructed in 1884 for a First National Bank executive, who sold the house to the state in 1893. It served as an official North Dakota Governor's Residence for 20 governors and their families until 1960. It was opened to the public as a North Dakota State Historic Site in 1983, renovated to look as it did in 1893...Governor Frank Briggs died of tuberculosis in the house in 1898, and a butler refused to sleep there claiming it was haunted by his spirit.

Just looking at the place, I could see it giving off a subtle Amityville Horror-esque type of vibe.

Old North Dakota Governor's Mansion (Bismarck, ND)
Flickr Vision

Maybe you also find it creepy or perhaps not. If not, where do you think the eeriest abandoned place in North Dakota and/or just in Bismarck is located?

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