With less than a month until Christmas, it's as good a time as any to get that Christmas shopping done. If you need ideas, maybe you can start with the most popular gift in North Dakota.

Back in October, we posted about the 'Top Holiday Gift in North Dakota.' However, trends can change as Christmas gets closer and the trends in most states have done exactly that. Artificial tree site Treetopia has searched through recent Google trends from last year at this time and this year's to find the most popular Christmas gifts in every state.

The first gifts that might come to mind are the new iPhone, gift cards, or Hatchimals (for kids). Some states follow those very trends, but not North Dakota. It seems that recent trends show that the most popular gift in North Dakota is a Bluetooth speaker.

I actually purchased this item during this past Cyber Monday, so the trends would show right in my case. Of course, I'm selfishly keeping it for myself rather than gifting it, but that's neither here nor there.

North Dakota was one of four states to show this as their most popular gift. Other states seeking Bluetooth speakers are Wisconsin, Indiana, and Mississippi. The most popular gift overall was in fact, the iPhone in a total of 11 states. For more gift ideas, you can check out the map of every state's most popular Christmas gift here.

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