On a weekend like the one we're having, we could all use some of North Dakota's most popular two-day shipping item from Walmart.

Business Insider has released the information that shows the most popular two-day shipping item in every state. The info was researched by Walmart for all 48 contiguous states in the U.S., along with Washington, D.C.

As you might predict, the research led to some pretty bizarre results. For instance, in Maine, the most popular two-day shipping item from Walmart is mosquito head nets. In Kansas, it's Instant Ramen Noodles. In New Jersey, there happens to be a demand for handheld pencil sharpeners. And in Wyoming, they can't get enough reusable ice packs. Apparently, a lot of injuries are rampant in that state for some reason.

In North Dakota, the most popular two-day shipping item from Walmart is Great Value Lemonade Mix. Not just lemonade mix in general, but the Great Value brand. That's a little too specific. We're really trying to take advantage of those rollback prices here. Minute Maid, Country Time, and Tropicana prices must be a little too steep for our liking.

Then again, if you saw this weekend's forecast this past Thursday and took advantage of that two-day shipping with an order of some Great Value Lemonade Mix, not only did you save money, but on a hot day like today or what's forecasted for the next few days, you'll have access to a pretty refreshing thirst quencher. Well played, North Dakota.

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