If you dropped the ball this past Valentine's Day, don't worry, we have a suggestion for you where you can take your significant other to dinner to reignite the spark.

The Daily Meal recently went out of their way to find the most romantic restaurant in every state. In North Dakota, that place happens to be right here in Bismarck. Their pick for the most romantic restaurant in North Dakota is Pirogue Grille.

The food publication suggests several of the restaurants menu items to try in the given romantic setting:

Local walleye, bison, lamb, and venison sausage are always on the menu, but other seasonal specialties include barbecue rabbit on a wild rice potato pancake, free-range chicken breast stuffed with smoked Cheddar and apple slaw, grilled lamb loin chops with chokeberry and mint sauce, and filet mignon with roast corn and black peppercorn sauce.

The aesthetic atmosphere is sure to impress your company. For a full look at their menu, click here.

Pirogue Grille is located right downtown in Bismarck at 121 N. 4th Street. For reservations, call 701-223-3770.

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