There are a ton of small towns in North Dakota that surely go unnoticed and are absolutely underrated, but have you ever wondered which is the most underrated small town?

I did a little digging and found that put together a list of the most underrated towns in every state.

Now, I'm sure you're wondering which town is the most underrated in North Dakota; the source gave that honor to none other than Jud, North Dakota.

Jud, North Dakota

If you’re not familiar with the area, that's fair, I wasn't either. I found out that it’s a rural city in LaMoure County, North Dakota. It's a teeny tiny town with a population of only 65, according to the 2020 census data.

Here's where you can find it on a map.

Canva, google maps
Canva, google maps

According to, Jud is known for being the “City of Murals," and I’m sure you can guess why.

There’s a mural on just about every building in this town! How cool is that?! Bars, restaurants, grocery stores, you name it!

Take a look at some of these works of art!

6 Adorable Murals In Jud, North Dakota

How cute are these murals.

Gallery Credit: Andi Ahne

All of these murals are perfect spots for a good selfie. You will also notice that they represent North Dakota's lifestyle and values and showcase our unique landscape.

Another great thing about this town is that it’s only one mile away from Bluebird Lake and has some quiet nature trails for strolling.

Have you visited this town? Do you know anyone from the area? If not, maybe it's worth a stop on your next road trip.

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