Let's be honest, New Year's resolutions almost never stick. However, some people stick with them longer than you'd expect. North Dakota is relatively decent at keeping them.

Several people make the typical 'New Year's Resolutions.' Some, for instance, might be lose weight, save more money, or stress less. Typically, the failure rate of these resolutions is quite high. In fact, it's somewhere in the range between 42 percent and 92 percent. WalletHub researched over 180 cities throughout the country based on their conduciveness to self-improvement and both Bismarck and Fargo finished in the top 50.

Bismarck finished 48th best in the country at keeping New Year's resolutions while Fargo finished 29th. Some key reasons as to how Bismarck finished relatively well is due to finishing with the 9th ranking in 'financial resolutions' and 12th in both 'school and work resolutions' and 'bad habit resolutions.' Bismarck also holds the second best Median Credit Score in the U.S.

Fargo was helped out by finishing 6th in 'bad habit resolutions' and 10th in 'school and work resolutions.'

Finishing at the top of the list was Seattle, WA, followed by San Franciso, CA and San Diego, CA. Each of those cities finished in the top five in 'health resolutions.' The bottom three cities on the entire list were Newark, NJ, Shreveport, LA, and Gulfport, MS.

If you haven't made your resolutions yet, you still have a few days. 2018 will be here before you know it and it seems you're pretty decent at keeping your resolutions, North Dakota.


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