You're likely to feel the need for North Dakota's top-selling item from Walmart on a hot summer day much more than you would in the middle of winter.

Recently, the publication, Buckrail, via a USA Today Tech review story, found what each state's top-selling item at Walmart is for 2018. Some of the results made sense while others were more than a little bizarre.

For instance, the state of Washington's top-selling item was toilet paper. In Indiana, their top item was toilet bowl cleaner. The northeast seems to be quite messy as paper towels were the top-selling Walmart item in New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Maryland. And in our bordering states, Minnesota, South Dakota, and Montana, there seems to be a high demand for caffeine as Folgers Coffee was their item of choice.

In North Dakota, the top-selling Walmart item is Great Value Lemonade Mix. Not any other lemonade mix, but the Great Value brand. That's a little too specific. We're really trying to take advantage of those rollback prices here. Minute Maid, Country Time, and Tropicana prices must be a little too steep for our liking.

You might think if North Dakota were to have a beverage as a top-selling Walmart item, it might be of the hot beverage variety given our subzero winters, but it looks like we love our Great Value Lemonade Mix just as much.

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