There are so many thing you need to do in the wintertime. You want to clear vents and chimneys, wrap exposed pipes, clean your gutters, look for gaps in windows and door frames, and check your roof for holes that could lead to leaks when the snow melts.

Well, I have one more thing you really need to add to your list, and you might find it a little surprising. As a matter of fact, it tends to snow pretty early in North Dakota, so you might want to do this a couple times.

Car Care

We spend a ton of money on our cars, so you want to make sure you're taking care of the vehicle.

Have you ever seen someone driving around with holes and rust along the bottom of their car? -- We all have. A lot of times, this happens because of the salt on the roads.

After a big snow, the city lays salt to get all of that snow melted away. It's very helpful, but also very damaging to your car.

Leaving your car exposed to salt will cause parts of your car to weaken and rust. It's called "Salt erosion."


What Can You Do?

It might seem like a lost cause, but you should really wash your car in the Winter. I know how crazy it sounds.

You're probably thinking your car will just get dirty again from all of the slush getting kicked up and wind blowing things around.

While this is true, you don't want to leave the salt sitting on your car all Winter. Pick some of the slightly warmer days to head over to the car wash, and rise that salt away as much as you can. This will help keep your car from rusting.

I hope this helps you keep your car looking shiny and new.


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