On Wednesday (December 16), Governor Tim Walz is expected to decide if he will expire or extend the current restrictions placed upon Minnesota restaurants, bars, and gyms. The order is set to end on December 18. And a group of Minnesota business owners are planning to reopen, no matter what Governor Walz decides.

CBS News reports that the ReOpen Minnesota Coalition is a group of over 150 businesses that will reopen whether the governor approves it or not. The plans to reopen do include continuing to "obey health guidelines like mask-wearing and lower capacity." Get the full story from CBS News here.

Now, if Governor Walz decides to extend the "dial back" mandate and those over 150 businesses reopen, the owners and other individuals involved could be slapped with fines, costing thousands of dollars and/ or face jail time from 90 days to one year. Read more about the enforcement of the "dial back" executive order here.

Do you think Governor Walz will reopen Minnesota's restaurants, bars, and gyms? If he does plan on extending the order, he must be ready for a fight. Jane Moss, owner of the Boardwalk Bar & Grill in East Grand Forks, is already standing up to the state and causing a stir. Can you imagine what will happen if  over 150 business owners and other supporters stand up to, too?

I am intrigued about the movement that is beginning to happen in Minnesota. The government is literally FORCING businesses to close and people to lose everything. They may as well go down with a good scrap.

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