It's not every day that a person feels like they're living in a moment that will be remembered in history, but no one will soon forget the events that shaped 2020. The Black community has been fighting to have their voices heard since forever. Since the murder of George Floyd happened, the Black community and their supporters are making sure their voices will be heard once and for all.

Last night (June 3), in Bismarck, a Black Lives Matter peaceful protest took place. The protest started way east, on Main in Bismarck, then moved towards the capitol (I'm not sure just how many miles that is, but this was a hike of dedication). I got to the protest shortly after it started, and the walking began just after five.

I know the news has been showing the violence that has broken out during the protests. But for the duration I was at this particular protest, everyone was working to spread their message without any violence. Now, KFYR-TV did report that police did have to block off a portion of Main to escort protesters away from confrontation, but there was nothing more serious than that.

While we were making our way towards the capitol, supporters and opponents of the Black Lives Matter movement all drove by. There was a police presence, but (while I was there), they were only driving by to make sure everything remained peaceful. There were also bystanders from restaurants, bars, and businesses out watch as protesters passed by.

Did you come out for the Black Lives Matter peaceful protest in Bismarck yesterday?

Check out my pictures from the protest. Note: I couldn't get pictures from the street because we were required to stay off the street. 

Bismarck's BLM Peaceful Protest


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