Applebee’s is easily one of the most recognizable and largest restaurant chains in the world. I'm sure you've dined there at least once in your life; how could you not have?

According to, a got it started in 1980 in Decatur, Georgia. Now, Applebee’s can be found all across the United States, and other countries. The franchise has more than 1500 locations across the globe.

No Longer "Eatin' Good In The Neighborhood"

According to the source, the chain will be closing up several locations across the country. The source quoted the CFO of the company, saying this isn't a sign of the company struggling, as they plan to open more IHop restaurant to offset the loss of their Applebee's locations.

Closing Locations

According to the source, this isn't the first time the parent company has decided to close Applebee's restaurants en masse. They also did this back in 2017; they closed more than 100 restaurants that year.

Last year, (2023) they closed 33 restaurants. This year, (2024) they plan to close 25 to 35 locations. 

Will it affect North Dakota?

Here's a list of al the restaurants in our state.

Bismarck (2)

Devils Lake


Fargo (3)

Grand Forks




The marketing director for the North Dakota Applebee's has informed us that none of our locations will be closing.


Do you often visit Applebee's? Would you be sad to see the restaurant close? Hit us up in our app and keep checking back for updates.


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