This is one of those truly sad stories that I hate even writing. I saw a post on the "Furry Friends Rockin' Rescue" Facebook page telling a story about a dog named Lily.

The post now has over 1,300 likes and hundreds of shares.

Lily & Rocky The Dogs

It's my understanding, that Lily and Rocky the dogs had an owner who reached out to Furry Friends. The owner no longer wanted or had the means to take care of the dogs. Unfortunately, Furry Friends had nowhere to place Lily and Rocky at the time. Once the owner, whose name has not been disclosed, was told this, they dumped the dogs somewhere in Bismarck.

Furry Friends received reports that the animals had been abandoned, so they asked the community for help in retrieving them. While Rocky was able to make it to safety, Lily wasn't so lucky.

A Tragic End

Lily was found in a ditch in Bismarck with a bullet in her body. The person who shot Lily told Furry Friends that they had done so because she had killed 13 of their chickens. While I understand this action, I do also see both sides of it.

Had the dogs not been left out to starve, Lily wouldn't have been in fight-or-flight mode, and in all likeliness, she would still be alive.

Lily wasn't even a year old.

The animal rescue group has collected Lily's body and is cremating her remains.


Call To Action

People have commented in the post that they want this person brought to light and charged with animal abuse.

Others have shared similar stories where shelters have turned them away; these people say more money needs to be given to these shelters, so they have the means to take care of animals -- this way, they don't have to turn anyone away.



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