Winter in North Dakota comes with a lot of challenges. Only the truly brave live here, and even braver venture out when we drop down to the negatives.

Since we are in winter now and it is very cold today, I thought it would be appropriate to reveal the top 20 most annoying things about winter in North Dakota.

You might be thinking, do we really have that much to complain about? – As a matter of fact, we do. 

A survey was done by It asked 2000 adults what the worst things are about the cold weather season, and some of the answers are all too relatable. 

Sit back, relax in your warm house, enjoy this list, and be happy that you’re not experiencing any of these miserable things listed below. 

Here we go:

20 Annoying Things About Winter In ND

The cold-weather months can be frustrating.

Gallery Credit: Andi Ahne

Other Fun Facts, The Survey Found:

The source found that a fifth of the people surveyed, felt like they are less productive in the winter months.

Not only that, they said they felt they did less exercise. And even more surprising is, that 48 percent of the people surveyed said if they were given the choice, they would prefer to hibernate for the whole season! How crazy is that 

What do you think? Are these accurate? What do you find most annoying about winter in North Dakota? Was there anything we left off the list?

Send us message through the app and let us know. As always, thanks for reading.

Stay safe and warm! TTFN.

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