Have you checked out the Spare Time Arcade at Midway Lanes in Mandan?

How much fun is it to play arcade games? Even if you suck as bad as I do, it is still a blast to goof off and be a kid once in a while. And that is exactly what I did the other night.

It was a blast to epically fail most of the games at Spare Time Arcade.

I went to the bowling alley in Mandan for a night of epically failing arcade games. Seriously. I am horrible at all types of video games. BUT, I did learn that I have some mad driving skills because I killed it at Mario Kart. I was surprised, myself because I am typically horrible at Mario Kart on home gaming systems.

Spare Time Arcade has both traditional and unique arcade games.

I was surprised at the number of unique games that Spare Time Arcade had. Not only could you play the traditional shooting and racing games, but you could also play games like giant Flappy Bird and a Pac-Man version of air hockey. The air hockey was wild because it involved many pucks scattering around the table all at once.

What is your favorite arcade game?

Fun Games You Can Play at Spare time Arcade

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