Why is there police tape wrapped around the San Haven Sanatorium?

One of the creepiest buildings in North Dakota has been deemed a health and safety hazard. According to a Facebook post by the Rolette County Sheriff's Office, police tape has been placed around the entrance of the San Haven Sanatorium because the building is considered dangerous to the public. Now, if you are looking for a thrill before the place is torn down, you might want to consider the consequences.

Police tape background

The Facebook post states, "ANY PERSONS LOCATED WITHIN SAN HAVEN WILL BE CHARGED WITH CRIMINAL TRESPASS." So, if you hoped to sneak out for a scary time at the sanatorium this spooky season, you have been warned that you can and likely will be charged.

Young man in handcuffs
Felipe Caparr?s Cruz

What is so frightening about the San Haven Sanatorium?

The San Haven Sanatorium has a pretty creepy history. In the early 1900s, it was a hospital for tuberculosis patients. Later, the building was used as a home for people who were mentally handicapped. Fast forward to 2021 and people are telling stories of their experiences trespassing inside the decaying building.


Have you ever had a weird experience at the San Haven Sanatorium?

I have never had a spooky encounter at a supposedly haunted location, but I have always wanted to travel to Dunseith to get the experience of the sanatorium. I guess I will now never know first-hand about the sketchy, paranormal happenings at the San Haven Sanatorium.


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