I'm sure you've heard that the Jonas Brothers are coming to North Dakota. They will be performing songs from five different albums all in one night!

Where: Alerus Stadium, Grand Forks

Date: Friday, November 17th

Who isn't a "Sucker" for the Jonas Brothers? I know we are.


Win Tickets

Want to win tickets to the show? That's easy. All you have to do is send us a voice message through our app.

We want to know some of these things:

1. Your name and where you're from (Bismarck, North Bismarck, Lincoln, Mandan, etc)

2. When and why you listen to Hot 97.5 (Does it help you get through the workday? Do you listen on your way to work? While you're cooking? While you're cleaning?)

3. Who is your favorite DJ? (Brooke & Jeffrey, Andi, Deanna, Lenny, Jadd?)

4. Who is your favorite artist that we play?

5. Where do you work?

That's It!

Answer a couple of these questions, submit your voice note, and you're entered in to win. Have some fun with it and listen September 15th as we announce the winners!

Note: We will also be giving away tickets on-air, so listen to win too!

How To Upload Your Message

Not sure how to submit a voice message? Here's what you do:

1. Download the Hot 97.5 app

2. Click on the "Jonas Brothers!" tab

3. In the comments box, leave your first and last name, along with your phone number

-- This is how we will reach you if you win!!!!!

4. Click 'Select and Submit Media Now'

5. If the 'Allow Access to Media" box up, select 'Yes'

6. Choose 'Record Short Audio Clip' or choose audio from your own files.

7. Last Step: Enable push notifications, so you don't miss your next chance to win amazing concert tickets and other prizes.

Click HERE For More Info On The Show

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