Getting married may be exciting, but marriage is not all sunshine and roses. No matter how much people may be committed to and love each other, things change and divorces happen. Divorce can be drawn-out and messy. So, a North Dakota representative is proposing a bill that would create prenuptial agreements for all marriages.

KX News reports that House Bill 1121 will be proposed today (January 28). If passed, the bill "would essentially apply a prenuptial agreement to every marriage in the state" - separate assets brought into the marriage will stay separate when the marriage dissolves. According to KX News, Representative Dick Anderson wants to help speed-up the divorce process, rather than letting a divorce go on for years. Similar bills have previously been proposed and denied. Get the full story about House Bill 1121's proposal here.

Is it smart to get a prenuptial agreement or is it a sign of a doomed marriage? No one gets married with the intention of getting divorced. But what if?

According to, prenuptial agreements can protect more than just money and assets. A prenup could benefit children from previous relationships, or a spouse could be protected in case of the others' death. This is the logical side of a prenuptial agreement.

But there is the emotional side of it. states that prenuptial agreements may cause tension before a marriage even begins.

I am neither for or against a prenuptial agreement, but I do not believe the state should have influence on one. I mean, whether a person chooses to think emotionally or logically about marriage is that individual's prerogative.

Do you think North Dakotans should have to sign prenuptial agreements?

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