In 2006, Snakes on a Plane was just a cringy-yet-horrifying movie. While it is far-fetched to think there could ever be a plane that is overrun by slithering serpents, it actually is kind of possible. There will probably never be a Hollywood-level plane infestation, creepy-crawly critters can, in fact, hitch rides on planes.

According to Valley News Live, a (non-poisonous) Texas rat snake hitched a ride on an S.M. Enterprises product shipping plane from Houston to Minneapolis. It is reported that the snake was named "Houston" and safely removed by Kritter Krazy-Reptile and Exotic Rescue.

Did you know that there have been quite a few recent incidents of critters crawling on planes? Believe it or not, it actually has to do with the pandemic! So, how did the pandemic cause animals to board planes?

According to ABC News, animals can tend to find cozy little homes on stored away planes - and thousands of planes have been stored in desert facilities since travel became restricted during the pandemic. The report states that "insects and animals can nest in a plane within 24 to 48 hours of non-use." So, mechanics have to stay vigilant to keep animals from making themselves comfortable in plane wheel wells and such.

While I have never seen a (non-passenger) animal on a plane. I have seen a ton of mice in an airport! When I graduated high school, I went on a trip to Dallas. I had to stay overnight at the Minneapolis Airport when I was not able to make my connecting flight back to North Dakota. Well, when the travelers are away, the mice will play! Seriously, I sat on a chair and was entertained by these crazy little mice, running wild in the airport. I even had to avoid the bathroom for a while after I watched one galavant into it...

Have you ever encountered any critters while traveling?

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