I know a lot of deer hunters were hoping for some snow for the deer season gun opener this Friday, November 5th.  That's not going to happen, as temps are expected to hover around 60 degrees for Friday and the weekend.

However, there is a chance for some significant snow that is expected to hit the northern plains Wednesday, Thursday, and even Friday of next week.  The American weather model actually has the storm with a direct hit on central North Dakota at the time of this article.  Other models, including the European model, don't necessarily line up with the American model.  So, there is still a LOT of uncertainty with this potential winter storm.  The storm is expected to start as rain and depending on the temperatures, could really pile up the snow depending on when temps start to drop.  Here's a look at a graphic from Valley News Live of Fargo and their Facebook post with this potential storm.

I spoke with the National Weather Service in Bismarck this afternoon and they are less confident on the track of this storm.  They believe there is a higher probability it will miss us altogether.  In fact, the latest data suggests the best potential for a big winter storm would be well southeast of Bismarck.  Southeast North Dakota would have the highest probability of a glancing blow.  This could end up more in northeast South Dakota and Minnesota.

It's not very often you'll catch me cheering for a snowstorm, but it certainly would help with the drought.  I was out at Stump Lake and Devils Lake this past weekend and water levels are shockingly low.  Very similar to what's going on here with the river here and Lake Sakakawea.

I'm going to make sure my snowblower is working just to make sure.  I haven't used it in 2 years.



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