If you're looking to head to a theater in Idaho to see the blockbuster film '50 Shades of Grey,' you might want to pre-funk before you go.

A long standing Idaho statute prevents alcohol sales during movies that show sexually explicit material. Idaho State Police's Alcohol Beverage Control has contacted at least 2 businesses showing the film informing them they must cease alcohol sales during showings of the film.

The statute passed by Idaho lawmakers in 1999 lists types of movie scenes requiring a booze ban, including simulated sex acts or touching of private parts. Any business that violates the statute can face a $300 fine, 6 months jail time, and a suspension of the businesses liquor license.

Some theaters wonder why the ABC is deciding to crack down on '50 shades,' when some PG-13 films violate the statute.

I bet most people when they find out about this crackdown will probably do what I would do... and grab a flask! or something... I mean... yeah....