Some decisions will be made next week by the South Dakota Board of Regents that will impact whether or not students from North Dakota may receive in-state tuition while going to school in the Mount Rushmore State.

A proposal will be voted on next week that could potentially give students from not only North Dakota, but also Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, Iowa, and Colorado in-state tuition at public universities in South Dakota.

South Dakota already has a reciprocity agreement in place with Minnesota, which is why they weren't included in those states named.

Should the proposal be approved, the in-state tuition for the aforementioned mentioned states would take effect for the Fall semester of 2019.

The South Dakota Board of Regents is scheduled to meet next week in Aberdeen.  SD Board of Regents President Kevin Schieffer mentioned to KELO that tests run over the past few years have shown this will also see net revenue gains, should the proposal pass.

This time next week, North Dakota students may have the same tuition as South Dakota students within South Dakota schools come the Fall of 2019.

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