Pier One Imports was a pretty popular destination for shoppers in Bismarck for a long time.  Like many brick-and-mortar stores, the COVID-19 pandemic further exasperated the trouble these types of stores were having.

We are living in an online world these days and shopping is no different.  Pier One Imports in Bismarck closed back sometime in January of 2020 in Bismarck, according to our news partners at KX News.  Pier One Imports ended up closing about half of all of its 900-plus stores nationwide and unfortunately, ours in Bismarck was one of them.  Since then, the building has sat empty with a "for sale" sign on the front of building.

That's until recently when the word "sold" was added to that sign in front of Pier One Imports.

Matt Mitzel
Matt Mitzel

So, what is going into this building?  It certainly is in a prime location at 715 South Washington in the heart of shopping.

According to a business owner friend of mine that has friends close to the situation, it has been sold to a company that plans to put a Red Robin restaurant in the building.  Red Robin is a burger and brews American chain, according to Wikipedia.  It was founded back in September of 1969 in Seattle, Washington.

I've eaten at one several times in the Minneapolis area before.  They have a great atmosphere and are known for their towering onion ring pedals.

However, another friend of mine who has people in the know with the city of Bismarck, insists it's going to be another Starbucks.  What doesn't make sense with that, is there is currently a Starbucks already a few blocks away from that location on 3rd street.  The building seems a little big for a Starbucks too.

I guess we will find out soon enough and we will be sure to pass it along to you.



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