I went to a school with a guy who thought it would be funny to go into a local bank and pass a note to the teller asking for money or else.  He later claimed it was a joke.  That didn't go to well for our class clown.  Something similar could be happening to a guy charged with spray painting racial hate on a Moorhead, Minnesota mosque.

22-year-old Benjamin Enderle has been charged with with a gross misdemeanor of harassment and one felony count of second-degree criminal property damage.  According to an article on Valley News Live, Enderle says it was all a joke.  "He doesn't hate those people."  Enderle admitted to spray painting "Death to Islam" and "Go to Hell" because he wanted to get a reaction from the community and media.  Mission accomplished.

According to court documents, Enderle can been seen on surveillance video around 11 am on April 24th buying "red" spray paint at a nearby Walmart.  The crime then happened sometime late that evening or early Sunday morning at the Moorhead-Fargo Islamic Community Center at 2215 12th Ave in Moorhead.

Police got a break in the case when an employee at the Dilworth, Minnesota Walmart said they have a video of a guy buying "red" spray paint wearing the same clothing as the person who spray painted the mosque.  Police, obtained a search warrant of Enderle's residence and arrested him shortly after.

Moorhead Police Department
Moorhead Police Department

This joke, could get the 22 year old Benjamin Enderle up to 6 years in prison.  That's no laughing matter.


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