Patience... Chances are good that we have all heard the sayings about it.

Like patience is a virtue.  Our parents always said, “Have a little patience.”

It is safe to say that we have become more patient as we have matured.

BUT... there are still those things that just make our skin crawl... 

To STAND UP and proclaim to the heavens “YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!”


Pet Peeves, Nuisance, Don't Be That Guy, Annoying, Tigger and BEC

Ladies and Gentlemen... Our Top Pet Peeves.

Now you can alter this list as you see fit and for your situation.

These are just the ones that make us, well... NOT SO PATIENT Sorry, Mom!

Top Pet Peeves!

Don't Be THAT Guy!... Or Gal!

Be the thoughtful someone.

Be the calm in someone's day.

Be the breath of fresh air someone needs.

But Please... DON'T BE THAT GUY... OR GAL...

In a hectic, fast-paced, never a quiet moment in this day in age...

We get it! We are ALL rattled... Struggling to keep rolling.

So keep the Patience. Find the Peace. And let's ALL do our best...

To not be the one that's the last nail in an already long day!

Let's not rattle the cage on life, cause more headaches than needed or drive another to the brink of crazy! Just living day "in" and day "out" already is more than at times one feels they can handle. We've got our list of Peeves??? But what else are we missing? Do you have any over-the-top that just makes the office unbearable, the day to day struggles become "off the charts"??? Let's Hear Them!

Until then - Have Patience!

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