Has your boss ever over-scheduled you to work more hours than you usually do? How do you handle that?

This weekend I am scheduled to work for about 14 hours on one day! For me, that's a long time to be working, so I came up with a survival kit for long work days. Here's what's in my survival kit, so you can make your own!

1. Blankets and pillows. If you don't use your full lunch hour or if you have a couple breaks throughout the day, take a nap in your car so you're refreshed!

2. Food and drinks. Have some snacks handy in case you get hungry and can't leave to pick something up.

3. Something to do. If you work someplace that lets you do other work, I suggest bringing it - especially if you're a student. You can use this time to get caught up on homework or maybe get ahead!

Is there anything you would add to your personal long work day survival kit?