Let's face it... it's almost IMPOSSIBLE to not pop bubble wrap when you see a sheet of it lying around. It's an addiction all it's own!

But one thing I've noticed is that everyone can be put into one of 2 groups when it comes to how you pop the bubbles.

I received a gift in the mail from a family member the other day that was wrapped in a big sheet of bubble wrap. Of course, upon seeing this, my kids found it prime time to get to popping all the bubbles. While they were doing it, I got to see that each of my kids falls into one of the 2 types of poppers.

Type 1 - The one at a timers. This type takes the time to pop each bubble individually before moving on to the next.
Type 2 - The all at once crowd. These people employ a bevy of techniques to pop as many bubbles at once as humanly possible. As you can see in the video, my son chose to run and jump on as many as he could at once.

Which type are you?