Even if the calendar hasn't technically said so, it is probably fair to say it is summer time in North Dakota. There's a perfect beer for that.

The guys over at Thrillist decided to take a look at which beers go best with summer in each state.

This does not necessarily mean that this is the best tasting beer or the beer that best represents North Dakota.

This particular beer just happens to be the beer you will want to pick up on a sunny 90 degree day.

According to Thrillist, the best beer to drink on that perfect summer day is the Wood Chipper made by the Fargo Brewing Company.

Via Thrillist:

We hate to make an easy pick. But North Dakota's best brewery also makes a mighty fine IPA that, at 6.7% and with infinite drinkability, might just be the finest beer in the state. The can helps. It tastes real good in the winter, with takeout from pancake's house. But once the summer hits, it's a thing of crisp, hoppy -- but not too hoppy... it's summer -- beauty.

Hard to argue that.