"Jonnie" the deer is alive and well

The Bismarck area's beloved rescue deer Jonnie has been seen after being missing in action since the start of the deer gun season. It was feared the deer was harvested during this past season.  You can read about that more here.

It's been more than 3 months since anybody had contact with the deer.  

That's as long as she's ever gone without stopping by one of the many rural farms Jonnie routinely visits south of Sterling over towards Braddock.  She primarily has slept on the porch of the Fallgatter farm over the last 5 plus years.  The Fallgatters rescued Jonnie when she was just a few days old after her mother and sibling were hit and killed by a car.

I was told by another deer rescue family this is not unusual.

Jonnie is not the only rescue deer in the state.  I had a conversation with a family in northeast North Dakota who also rescued a fawn.  Apparently, their young deer will routinely go months without any contact with the family and then will all of the sudden show-up and spend weeks at a time with the family.

Jonnie was recently photographed by Connie Heaton on Saturday, January 22nd south of McKenzie, North Dakota. She was also spotted by another person according to the Facebook page "Where's Jonnie/Ruth." Here's that photo from Connie.  You might say how do you know that is the right deer?  Jonnie has a distinct notch on her ear.


You can also see that "notch" on the ear from my photos and video when my family met Jonnie this past spring.  You can see those here.  It was also feared Jonnie might have been a victim of the EHD disease that decimated deer populations southeast of Bismarck.

Thankfully, she wasn't and is alive and well.


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