Bismarck Bucks fans get ready to buy some new apparel!

It was just announced today (Thursday, January 25th)  that the only professional indoor football team in North Dakota will be changing its name.

Bye Bye Bucks!

We all know the football team as the Bismarck Bucks; it has held that name since it was founded. According to a press release sent by the organization, they wanted the name to be more inclusive.

“This rebranding initiative reflects the organizations commitment to embracing its fan, base from across the entire state of North Dakota, and fostering unity and pride among football enthusiasts throughout the region,“ says Greg Schuh,  General Manager.

What Is The New Name?

I know, you want me to shut up and just tell you the name already.

The Bismarck Bucks will now, moving forward, be known as the "Dakota Bucks."

The organization says this is a way to be more inclusive, and to recognize loyal supporters.


What do you think of the new name? Do you think changing the name was a good idea? Do you think they should’ve left it as a Bismarck Bucks?

Fun Facts About The Team

Did you know the Bismarck Bucks joined Champion Indoor Football in 2016, then went on to play their first season in 2017?

The team moved to the Indoor Football League (IFL) in 2019.

The press release also stated the the Dakota Bucks plan to move forward with their commitment to playing in the 2025 season as a member of the IFL.


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