There's a new Star Wars movie out on December 16, "Star Wars: Rogue One." The plot has a lot to do with the 'Death Star.' Ever wonder how much it costs to run that thing?

The plot of the upcoming movie revolves around the mission to obtain the plans to destroy the Death Star (this is not a spoiler since it's a premise that anyone can deduce from the movie trailer). Remember, they actually destroyed it in Episode IV (SPOILER ALERT!).

Well, for fun, an energy company in England, known as OVO Energy, estimates it would cost $7.8 octillion dollars per day to run the Death Star. You read that right, "per day."

At some point, you have to be thinking, "What kind of money is Darth Vader making?" What's the Emperor's income for that matter? It's not like we see them ever trying to rob intergalactic banks or anything. Where's all this income to pay these bills coming from? It's not like Grand Moff Tarkin has some sort of trust fund set up or something.

It appears that the Death Star would also take 91,547,745,149 light bulbs when it is fully operational. That's a hefty energy bill. One might wonder, how much it cost when they decided to blow up Alderaan. Before Vader and Tarkin give that order in Episode IV, why didn't someone step in and say, "Whoa, hey, Vader! Wait, before you guys start blowing up planets, let's think about what that's going to cost. I mean, next month's energy bill could get pretty steep." Apparently, they opted not to consult the Empire's accountant before giving that order.