In news that will shock no one, people can't seem to agree on even the most fundamental and basic of topics these days. No where is this more apparent than on the internet, a place I believe Obi-Wan Kenobi once called a wretched hive of scum and villainy.

The internet is not new to the snake oil game. In 2015, some wolves in sheep's clothing took a page out of the fable of 'The  Emperor's New Clothes' and  tried to convince the masses a dress was golden when it was clearly blue and black. Then, just last year, an assault on human decency was waged when some online shysters dared to insult our perception of reality by trying to convince us that someone saying "Laurel" might actually be saying "Yanny." 

Well it turns out the wicked never sleep. Over the weekend, a Twitter user with the handle @SMASEY unveiled this brilliant piece of investigative journalism, showing us that there may be some truly disturbed people walking among us.

  In the diagram above, @SMASEY shows us how many allegedly different ways someone can draw an 'X' with the brightly colored line representing the first stroke and the black line as the second. For all of you responsible, well adjusted and mentally sound people, the correct way is most certainly No. 7. I'm willing to even allow for No. 8, because sometimes it's easy to get a little turned around out there in this hectic world. But if a coworker or someone you thought you loved draws their X's in any of the other suggested ways, you must seriously reevaluate who you put your trust in. I mean how unnerving is it to realize we've had monsters hiding in plain sight drawing their X's like No. 1? Seriously ask yourself if you'd feel comfortable leaving your children around someone who is a No. 4. And you know No. 6 is that neighbor that takes up two parking spots at your apartment complex because they think they are God's gift to drivers and the rules don't apply to them. Needless to say the internet had opinions.  

  This poor person realized they might be seriously ill.  


Meanwhile, police really need to investigate this Tweeter's home. I wouldn't be surprised if they found something horrifying in the floorboards.

  Some well-meaning but naive folks tried to explain the debate as a geographical difference.  

And it wasn't long until BIG BUSINESS tried to cloud our judgement by distracting from the issue.

    We can only hope level head prevail. Let us know what you think!    

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