Unfortunately, Bismarck was not named as the 'Hippest City in North Dakota,' according to the popular food publication, The Daily Meal.

It seems that when it comes to entertainment, leisure, and gastronomy, Bismarck is lacking in the active and innovative lifestyles that could potentially show off a uniquity about the area, or at least when compared to North Dakota's biggest and hippest city, Fargo.

We all know that Fargo can certainly stay young seeing as how it is a college town. But this also helps the growing arts and culture scene. They put on theater productions, cultural events and their music scene continues to grow. The Daily Meal cited these along with their restaurant and bar scene while noting Yoga classes for cheap.

Sure, Toscana has the best pasta dish in the state and Fargo Brewing Company is the most popular brewery in the state, but that doesn't mean Bismarck can't hold its own...sometimes.

Bismarck certainly has its own hip spots around town and maybe you might have to search for them, but they're there. Besides, being hip is just like age; you're only as hip as you feel. Just ask Dr. Evil.

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