As you're scrolling through your Instagram feed, you're probably noticing plenty of food dishes being posted. So where exactly is the most common restaurant these dishes are coming from?

According to Marketing Land, North Dakota is the only state in America where the most Instagrammed food dishes are at Applebee's. That trend may continue to become even more prevalent after the announcement of their $1 Margaritas in October promotion.

The above tweet shows the map of what each state's most Instagrammed restaurant is.

However, that info is slightly misleading due to the fact that throughout the country, Starbucks is truly the most Instagrammed brand throughout the U.S., and it's not even close.

Based on data collected using geolocation that was turned on for Instagram posts during a 7-month time span, Starbucks was Instagrammed nearly 7-times more than its nearest competing brand (In-N-Out). Given the number of Starbucks franchises compared to all other brands used in the research, it's understandable why they were left off. This way, it was easier to understand in what regions each brand was more popular.

There you have it, North Dakota. Applebee's is where you go to Instagram your meals and drinks (reminder: $1 Margaritas in October).

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