The North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality has issued more advisories for North Dakota lakes because of blue green algae.

 A total of 16 North Dakota lakes now have blue green algae present in their waters. 

The following lakes have advisories and you are should avoid areas of the lake where  the green scum is visible.

You should not swim, water ski, or boat in areas where the water is discolored or where you see green/blue foam or mats of algae.

Same goes with your pets, do not let them swim in waters with affected with blue/green algae.  Especially, do not let them drink water from blue/green algae as it could be very harmful or fatal for them.  If they do happen to swim in waters with blue/green algae, rinse them of with fresh water as soon as possible, to avoid your pet cleaning themselves off.  Lake cabin owners are reminded to not irrigate lawns with pond or lake water in areas with cyanobacteria (blue/green algae).

The latest body of water added to the advisory list is Frettim Lake (Kidder County).

Other lakes with advisories include:

Buffalo Lake (Pierce County), Bowman-Haley Dam (Bowman County), Lake Hoskins (McIntosh County), Froelich Dam (Sioux County), Lake Tschida (Grant County), Patterson Lake (Stark County), Coal Mine Lake (Sheridan County), Antelope Lake (Pierce County), Spiritwood Lake (Stutsman County) Jamestown Reservoir (Stutsman County) Lake LaMoure (LaMoure County), Sweetbriar Dam (Morton County), Alkali Lake (Stutsman County), Pipestem Reservoir (Stutsman County) and South Hoffer (Sheridan County).

CLICK HERE for a map of the lakes affected.


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