We had a heated discussion on air recently with my listeners and a healthy debate on our station's Facebook page as well.  "What are your BIGGEST pet peeves with Bismarck Mandan drivers?"

I know I have my opinions, and I'm going to come right out and tell you what my biggest pet peeve is.  People that drive not 5 miles per hour, but even 10, 15, or 20 miles per hour BELOW the speed limit.  That is just crazy.  I know I need to slow down in life a bit, seems like I'm always going 100 miles per hour, but some of you need to speed things up.  Especially, driving on roads where it's impossible to pass somebody.  My biggest example would be Yegen road.  The speed limit is 55.  People commonly go 35.  No kidding, and there's virtually no place to pass anybody.  Some of us are anxious to see our families.  Unhitch the plow okay?!

Well, I tabulated the votes and phone calls, and here are the Top 10 BIGGEST Pet Peeves my listeners have with Bismarck Mandan drivers.

#10-"Sitting at a Green Light"- This should be much higher in my opinion.  You have a civic duty to pay attention to the light if you're at the front of any line.

#9-"Distracted Drivers"- This should be higher as well.  Cell phones, pets on people's laps, eating food, putting on make-up, shaving, etc.  We've seen it all.

#8-"People who pass you on the interstate, only to slow down"-This would be higher for me as well.  So annoying, use your damn cruise control!

#7-"Stop Sign Rollers"-This ticks me off too.  You can only hope they eventually get a ticket right?!

#6-"People going too fast"-In particular, people going 40 mph in a residential area.

#5-"People going to slow"-I think I covered this pretty well above.  This would be #1 for me!

#4-"People driving too slow in left lane"-Big pet peeve for me!  Especially on the interstate.

#3-"Red Light Runners"-You know who you are.  Eventually, you will t-bone somebody!

#2-"Cross Walk Runners"-I didn't realize we had such a problem with this in Bismarck/Mandan.  Very stupid and you could kill somebody.

#1-"Use your damn BLINKER"-Number one with a bullet.  It's there for a reason, now use it.


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