So much good food in The Peace Garden State but what one food would make the official, unofficial food of the state?

The publication Spoon University published a list of the one food or dish that represents each state. This would be the unofficial food for each state. Let's first take a look at our neighboring states.

  • Minnesota- Tator Hot Dish
  • Montana- Rocky Mountain Oysters
  • South Dakota- Chislic
  • North Dakota - Kuchen

Introduced by German settlers in the Great Plains, this cake with fruit or custard filling has a few known variations but is well understood to be expected at gatherings in North Dakota. There are about as many variations of Kuchen recipes as there are people that make them, and the dessert can be found at bakeries, in the Kuchen Festival in neighboring South Dakota, or on grandma’s kuchen, I mean kitchen table.

Sean Gallup / Getty Images