Last night the George Zimmerman "NOT GUILTY" verdict was heard around the world. Instantly Facebook lit up with sides screaming "Injustice" and other parties screaming "Justice". Post after post expressed one's feeling's about the verdict. Racial tension and racism, hot button conversations most people like to avoid were instantly in the spotlight. People asked the question "what is the value of a young,Black man's life ?", "was George Zimmerman defending himself?". I was paralyzed with each post. I was and am mad at the media for using a young man's life to bring out the worst in people, hatred, racial profiling, fanning the flames of racial tension in America, would there be rioting in Florida?

A life lost is a life lost, a young kid regardless of appearance or attitude is just that a kid. When human beings fear children then we as adults have failed our children. We must be responsible for the disconnect, disinterest and apathy of the value of humanity. One must ask themselves was there a better resolution than death that evening in Sanford,Florida? We will never know, a child's blood lays on all of us- why was he scary? Why did he call asking for help and cry out in the streets? I believe in gun ownership but when I walk the streets of Atlanta,Chicago, Miami, Detroit it's not my responsibility to police them.

I believe in America and I believe every life is valuable, each person in this life is my human brother or sister.If we cannot see that, then what happened in Sanford,FL will continue to happen and I ask you is this the best message we can give to young people? It will not be words on Facebook we are judged by but the actions we take that will truly show people what we stand for.