We’ve all experienced it; we get super hungry, so we opt for the easiest option and go to a drive-thru.

Unfortunately, a bunch of other people tend to have the same idea and we end up waiting in line --when you’re hungry enough, it can feel like forever.

North Dakota & Across The Country

QSR came out with a report (2023), finding the fast food restaurants with the speediest and slowest drive-thru's. 

The source looked at speed of service, average wait time, and average total time. If you're like me, you're probably wondering how they could measure speeds of different fast food restaurants accurately when they are scattered all over the country.

How Did They Do This?

The source had mystery shoppers visit the restaurants at many different locations around the country, dozens of times to get these results. Now, keep in mind all they have statistics and data to support all of this, but I think you still have to factor in how much food you’re ordering, what type of meal you’re ordering, environmental circumstances (sports games, events, etc.), and of course, the productivity/effectiveness of the employees. With that, I'm not sure I 100% agree.

Let's take a look at what the report discovered.

Fastest to Slowest Fast Food Restaurants

Taco Bell completes customer drive-through orders in 279 seconds 

Carl’s Jr. in 304 seconds

KFC and 304 seconds

Arby’s 320 seconds

Dunkin’ Donuts 321 seconds

Hardee’s 336 seconds

Wendy’s 343 seconds

Burger King and 351 seconds

McDonald’s 413 seconds

Chick-fil-A 436 seconds 

The study found that Taco Bell is overall the fastest and this is the third year in a row they’ve claimed that title. Sadly, Chick-fil-A came in the last place with the longest wait times and speed of service. 

What do you think? Which North Dakota fast food place do you think is the slowest?

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