As brutal as the weather may be, believe it or not, we're still warmer than the lowest temperatures on record for this date in Bismarck.

Not that you haven't heard so many depressing weather reports with how absurdly cold it is, but according to the National Weather Service, the high temperature for Saturday (December 30th) is -14 and the low is -28. While it's just about as brutal as we think it can be, it's not a record for low temperature for this date.

According to Intellicast, the record low temperature in Bismarck on December 30th is -37 and was recorded back in 1990. Sure, it is just a difference in nine degrees and maybe when it's that cold, we really can't feel the fact that it's that much colder, but unfortunately, it's predicted that we won't reach the record low that was set 27 years ago. Better luck next year, I suppose.

Wind chill values today are forecasted to be -30 and -35 tonight. As a reminder, there's still a Wind Chill Warning in effect until noon on Monday.

Please stay warm this weekend, North Dakota!

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