The cold weather of Bismarck is starting to get to me...

I didn't believe people when they told me it was going to be COLD in the winter... Maybe I should have listened...

When the weather gets to me, I like to pull out a playlist of my favorite songs that remind me of summer to brighten my day.

Here's my (and a couple of selections from my coworkers) favorite songs that remind me of summer

  • 1

    DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince - Summertime

    If you need any explanation why this tops the list... listen closer

  • 2

    Buster Pointdexter - Hot Hot Hot

    The second this beat starts, I can't help but feel the sun shining on my face.

  • 3

    Snoop Dogg - Drop It Like It's Hot

    2004... A summer I will never forget. A lot of my friends coming back from college with their degrees and having one last blast before entering the working world (I was already working for a radio station in Seattle...). Always good memories.

  • 4

    Kenny Chesney - She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy

    Growing up, I lived a couple of years with my grandparents. There were only 2 styles of music allowed in their house: Country and Western. Because of that, I've always had an appreciation for Country music. When this was released, my girlfriend was OBSESSED with this song. Can remember what broke us up... probably some High School nonsense. Still... a fun summer

  • 5

    Alice Cooper - School's Out

    The song says it all. Who didn't play this on the last day of school? My senior year, I was the producer of the managing editor of the schools TV Station. The last day of school, with 30 minutes left in the last day for Seniors, I took over the school's PA system and played this at full volume. Kinda feel sorry for the few classes who were trying to take their finals at the time...

  • 6

    Nelly - Hot In Herre

    I've been playing this song in the clubs for over a decade now... and it will ALWAYS get people onto the dance floor. Not exactly a "summer" song, but it reminds me of partying... which is mainly a summer thing... right?

  • 7

    Katy Perry - California Gurls

    You couldn't go ANYWHERE without hearing this song the summer it came out. I know I played it almost hourly on the station I was programming in Seattle when it dropped.

  • 8

    VengaBoys - We Like To Party

    This is Digital Goddesses addition to the list. When asked why, all she could do is smile slyish and say "Cuz"

  • 9

    Len - Steal My Sunshine

    This is my coworker Matt's addition to the list (He's the afternoon guy on sister station 96.5 The Fox). He's a fan of 90's One Hit Wonders, and this tops his list

  • 10

    Blondie - Call Me

    This one comes from LarrDawg, Big Boss around here and morning star on sister station 103.3 US Country. Didn't give an explanation... but I don't disagree with him