Training for the End of the World
Training for the End of the World

So will the world end or won't it? And, if it does, how? I'm voting for a zombie apocalypse. And luckily, the gamers of this world have been preparing for this for years.

Being a gamer myself, I have encountered many zombie mobs in several forms. All my years of training has led me to the top three things you should remember if you're going to fight off zombies tomorrow:

1) Start with a few supplies, but don't overload yourself. You can always find some water or food, and if you're carrying to much, you won't be able to run as fast.

2) Always be on the move. Zombies don't stand still, so why should you?

3) Save often so you can always start from the last checkpoint. I'm not sure if this applies to real life, but if a zombie apocalypse is possible, then this can be too.

What are some of your survival tips for a zombie apocalypse?

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