We're ready to dive right into summer.

Before we do any diving, you might want to keep this in mind. Studies have been done by a company called ALIVE Solutions Inc. to test swimsuit visibility. -- This is very important when it comes to young kids in the water.

According to Today.com, parents should consider the "Color test" before making any swimsuit purchases this summer.

Essentially, the study found that certain colors can make a huge difference when it comes to water safety with kids.

Knowing this can save your child's life.

The Study

ALIVE Solutions tested swimsuit colors in swimming pools AND lakes to see what colors were most visible when a suit is completely submerged in both environments.

Visibility is also greatly affected when the water is disturbed.

Colors To Avoid

If your child is in trouble in a pool, light blues, and white colors are incredibly difficult to see when submerged. This could make a bad situation much worse. This, according to Today.com.

Overall, ALIVE Solutions' test found that solid neon colors were the most visible in both open waters and pools.

Today.com indicated that patterns can also make a difference. When selecting a pattern, stay away from large, dark patterns; they decrease visibility. Instead, look for smaller patterns (light or dark).

The source listed examples of bathing suits to buy this summer if you need ideas.

Get Ready

I hope this has helped you prepare for the warmer days ahead. Be safe and have fun! Thanks for reading. TTFN!


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