Apparently, the tunnel system at the University of North Dakota is haunted.

This morning, Scott McGowan sent me an "Only in Your State" article that claims the underground tunnels at the University of North Dakota are allegedly haunted. I love a good ghost story, so I had to look into it. But, as I got to Googling and thinking, I realized that I had never heard anyone talk about the campus being haunted, and I graduated from UND!

Student-conducted research seems to confirm the origins of the University of North Dakota's spooky stories.

I felt that this had to be some made-up story, but my search came up with a couple of stories about campus hauntings. There is even a student article, written in 2019, that talks about the student deep library research done to confirm the origins of spooky stories. Not only are tunnels supposedly haunted, but there are dorms, frat houses, and school buildings where people claim to have encountered the paranormal.

Have you ever had a paranormal experience on the University of North Dakota campus?

Both Rockin' Rick and I went to the University of North Dakota, so I had to ask him what he has heard. While he confirmed that he has heard stories of the haunted tunnels and dorms, I am still bewildered. I mean, I definitely remember being weirded out in some buildings, but I never actually heard of any ghost activity from anyone! Maybe I was just having too good of a time partying to even realize there were ghosts all around campus?

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